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Power outages can disrupt your business and cause discomfiture in personal life. To keep electrical apparatuses running, you need a diesel generator. However, the suitability of the generator to your budget and requirement needs to be assessed beforehand.

Power source type
If you need a backup electricity source to keep power-driven equipment running during an outage, a standby generator is a good proposition. Such generators can be connected to building’s main electrical supply to ensure uninterrupted power supply. Standby units are capable of generating power for protracted periods and come in rugged enclosures of aluminium or steel.

You can opt for a portable diesel generator if your requirement is small. Irrespective of your choice, you can incentivize the generator to operate for more than 10000 hours with regular oil change and use of superior quality oil. Turning speed of standby generators is 1800RPM, about half compared to 3600 RPM of portable ones. Further, they are water cooled.

Age and generator condition
Generator Nigeria, which has been operated for a limited number of hours, would optimally serve your purpose as unpredictable snags would be lesser. You will have to spend less on maintenance and upkeep.

Generator condition is incumbent on the way it has been utilized by the previous owner if you are planning to invest in a second-hand generator. Standby generators are usually in good condition as they are deployed as the alternative power source only when the mains power goes off.

However, it is desirable to purchase a first-hand prime power generator as this generator serve as primary energy source in industrial conditions. Consequently, the machine components are subjected to more strain.

Second hand diesel generator
The frequency at which the generator has been deployed to provide power and the servicing intervals count while looking for a second-hand generator. If records are not present, the generator should be inspected for tangible signs of wear and tear. Fatigue quotient of components can be assessed by checking the condition of belts, switches, etc. Rusting signs on parts welded post manufacturing should be observed. Insist on running the generator to gauge its performance.

While purchasing diesel generators in Nigeria, you can rest assured that you are getting the best deal if you go for reputed manufacturers.

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