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The dearth of energy sources is one of the major challenges faced by the world today. Mankind has always been senselessly depleting fossil fuels at a swift pace. This is a crime we are selfishly committing to the future generations.

Alleviating this issue is feasible to a great extent if we embrace renewable energy sources. Green energy solutions are ideal because of innumerable reasons. Countries like Nigeria have already started relying on renewable energy resources.

Renewable sources of energy keep on replenishing and never extinct. They are available in different forms and optimally utilizing them would be a wise step to take; current scenario badly demands so. Let us have a glance on some of the common renewable energy resources.

Solar power can be garnered using panels, and there are many other ways by which the heat from the sun can be collected and transformed into usable energy. You can install solar plants in your homes and enjoy energy independence. Initially solar power may seem a costly affair as an investment for installation is needed and also regular maintenance charges may apply. But when compared to the output power generated, the cost incurred is very reasonable.

Wind energy is renewable as well as clean. It has helped national economies in countless ways. In a lot of countries, rural areas immensely depend on wind power, and this has always been a boon for the people there.

Using biomass as a source for fuel minimizes the space required for landfills; it not only provides you energy but also helps in dealing with the waste products like sewage sludge. This readily available source of energy on combustion produces virtually no harmful by-products.

Other renewable sources on which you can rely are geothermal energy, hydroelectricity and methane.

Initiatives for promoting green energy in Nigeria and many other countries testify the fact that people have started realizing the danger of irrationally exploiting non-renewable energy supplies. A lot of companies in Nigeria these days offer apex quality renewable power generation products & solutions as well as related services.

Green Energy helps in reducing air pollution and cutting down the global warming level. In a nutshell, expending green energy solutions over coal and other fossil fuel produced energies have a wide plethora of benefits. It’s really getting late if you are still in a dilemma.

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