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Nigeria can pride itself of being prodigiously blessed by nature in terms of energy resources. Coal, petroleum, natural gas, tar and nuclear fuel reserves are abundantly scattered across the landscape of the country. Despite this, the country is staggering to make economical use of these sources to drive itself on the path of progress and industrialization. Nigeria’s sustainable development is inextricably linked to its efficient harnessing of eco energy. Green energy solutions in Nigeria is gaining popularity keeping in perspective the fact that these have been exhibiting tremendous potential for frugal harnessing of eco energy, thus endowing the country with rich dividends.

Why Efficient eco Energy Harnessing is Imperative?

Nigeria’s exceptional abundance of natural energy resources may seem awe-inspiring at the first glance. However, the crude and unbridled way in which the resources are excavated and used will bring the country on the brink of depletion within forty years, a research estimates. Post this, the exploration initiatives would be rendered uneconomical. To avoid such a grim situation, it is imperative that energy conservation and efficient utilization measures be embraced seriously while continuing the search for alternative energy sources.

Green Energy Solutions in Nigeria

Green energy solutions can serve as an effective catalyst for sustainable development in reality at par with that of the industrialized nations of the globe. The benefits envisaged can be truly realized by developing a country-wide sustainable energy utilization system that is cost-effective, reliable and environment-friendly. Harnessing of eco energy in Nigeria needs to be flexible and non-inert so as to work in perfect tandem with techno-economic and political solutions. The deplorable lack of awareness about the socio-economic advantages of green energy solutions can also be attributed to the prevalence of environmentally hostile energy tapping methods.

Green energy solutions strategize on the adjustment and optimization of energy by exploiting procedures and systems so as to bring about a significant reduction in energy requirements per unit of output while keeping constant or reducing the total infrastructural costs. Then only the economic benefits can be extracted as per the roadmap without compromising the lifestyle standards of the people of Nigeria.

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